Areté | a data protection law firm

You are looking for experienced advice on German and European data protection law, be it in the optimisation of your data protection management, be it for individual projects with data protection implications or in the event of litigation.


For many years I have been advising companies – from start-ups to global organisations, particularly in the media, sustainability and mobility sectors -, associations and public authorities on data protection law. After many years of in-house work, I also have profound experience in data protection management. I enjoy coaching data protection officers, management or works councils or provide expert opinion.


In addition, I assist or represent clients in proceedings before supervisory authorities and courts.


The Greek Areté (ἀρετή) means proficiency, skill, courage and virtue, as well as success and luck. As a key concept of the ancient doctrine of virtues, Areté describes the ideal of living up to one‘s full potential.



Hands-on GDPR implementation

Sustainable success in a free society requires observance of basic values and basic rules. This includes the protection of personality rights and transparency. This applies in business life and even more so to state institutions.


Data protection requires measures of prevention and not only damage limitation. In the end we all benefit from it. Therefore, the effort involved in the practical implementation of data protection laws in authorities and companies is worthwhile.


But data protection also requires creative ideas, a risk-oriented view and the courage to use common sense. Data protection protects people and must not degenerate into a bureaucratic end in itself.